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Take advantage of the benefits of vitamin B12 in the most bioavailable form, methylcobalamin.

Need Vitamin B12? Check Out The Benefits Of Methylcobalamin

Need Vitamin B12? Check Out The Benefits Of Methylcobalamin

Vitamin B12 deficiency is a serious dilemma for many people. Vitamin B12 supports the formation of red blood cells, and a lack of this nutrient can cause anemia. The immune and nervous systems are also impeded by vitamin B12 deficiency.

As a nutrient that naturally occurs in animal foods, vitamin B12 is difficult for vegans and vegetarians to obtain. Additionally, people who have undergone intestinal surgeries or who have diseases of the gut—such as Crohns, ulcerative colitis, or Celiac—also have difficulty absorbing vitamin B12. If you are a vegan or vegetarian, over the age of 50 or have poor absorption, you are particularly encouraged to supplement your vitamin B12 intake.

Methylcobalamin vs. Cyanocobalamin

So now for the sciency part: “vitamin B12” is a generic term for the compounds called cobalamins, all of which contain the mineral cobalt. What we call a vitamin B12 deficiency is actually a cobalamin deficiency. If you’re looking for a vitamin B12 supplement, three cobalamins are commonly used as supplements:

  • Hydroxocobalamin
  • Cyanocobalamin
  • Methylcobalamin

Hydroxocobalamin is a vitamin B12 supplement available in the form of an injection. Many people do not appreciate the inconvenience of injections, not to mention the needles! Cyanocobalamin is the most commonly available vitamin B12 supplement. As the name suggests, cyanocobalamin is cobalamin bonded with cyanide, though at levels low enough that it is approved for human consumption. Cyanocobalamin is synthetic—not natural—and inactive, requiring chemical reactions inside of your body before it can be absorbed.

Thankfully, methylcobalamin is an excellent, active vitamin B12 supplement. What is methylcobalamin? Methylcobalamin is bioavailable vitamin B12, meaning that it enters the bloodstream immediately to be absorbed and used by your body. It is natural, does not contain cyanide, and is taken orally instead of by injection. For those at risk for vitamin B12 deficiency, methylcobalamin is clearly the best option.

Methylcobalamin is just one of the 12 vitamins and 72 minerals available in one serving of UB Super nutritional superfood shake. To learn more about our ingredients—sourced from the highest quality real ingredients in nature—read here.

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