Discover Why Men and Women Are Flocking to the Meal Supplement Developed By a Brain-Injured, Immune System Compromised Father of 3!
Here's What Other People Are Saying About UBSuper
Christina D.
“As an athlete and a busy mom, nutrition is important to me. Thanks to UB Super, I can now stay active, eat healthy, and not worry about running out of energy. I like to drink UB Super before intense workouts or races to give me the energy I need to make it through. Since I started drinking UB Super shakes post-workout, I’ve noticed that I don’t “hit the wall” in the afternoon. Having two young kids means being exposed to lots of germs and I’ve noticed my body has more immunity and I don’t catch their colds. My favorite shake is a scoop of chocolate with unsweetened almond milk in a blender bottle. My husband has listened to me rave and has seen the benefits first hand. He now drinks UB super every day! Peace, love, and UB Super!”

Tyce M.
“Since I started using UB Super, my daily energy level has increased and my post-workout recovery is much faster. Most days, I drink a shake in the morning and another after my workout and I feel great. Finding a product that has what my body truly needs is like finding a unicorn. My wife and I are hooked and we love that the subscription sends us our UB Super every month like clockwork."
Erin H.
"Post workout I always drink UB Super: after every single workout. For me, it is the perfect combination of protein, carbs and vitamins to revitalize my body. I am rarely sore, and have been injury free. I also have not been sick ever since taking this product! Proper recovery within the hour is always essential for an athlete, or for anyone expecting optimal results. Your body needs to replenish after any kind of workout and muscle fibers need to re-build.”

Reed A.
"I took a friend’s recommendation to try UB Super and I’m glad I did. I’ve used other products, but none of them has impacted my life like UB Super. I even have less pain from a ruptured and bulging disk in my back. And, it tastes a lot better than the others, too!!"
It’s Time To End The Confusion, Cut Through The Nonsense & Discover One, Simple Meal Replacement & Protein Solution That Actually Works…Fast!
Now That You Know The Truth, Let's Look at Why UB Super is the Simple Secret to Youth and Vitality
No more sleepless nights
No more afternoon slumps & drowsiness
No more brain fog
Reduce inflammation
in joints, muscles & body
Work with your doctor, ditch the medicine & watch symptoms disappear forever
Improve digestion, show off that flat stomach
Adapt to stress faster &
feel calmer
Faster workout recovery, no cramping
Improve blood flow, lower inflammation, happy hormones, healthy immune system
UB Super Boosts Energy To Support Your Busy Lifestyle!
A Full Canister
Michael C.
"I was a slave to my juicer, with all of the mess and cleanup and had also tried just about every brand of protein shake, supplement and anything else that would help me get great nutrition while living a busy life. Then, a couple years ago, I tried UB Super. I immediately felt an energy boost and increased stamina. With UB Super, I get the best nutrition and replace juicing, protein shakes and bars and multivitamins!"

Cindy B.
“We are on our third order and absolutely, absolutely love your product. We are avid workout people who are always at the gym, running, biking, kayaking or hiking and your product makes us feel so good. When I say good, I mean a sustained good where there are no highs and lows in energy during the day.”

Travis G.
"As an active athlete, diet and food is the most important aspect of our daily lives because you are what you eat. Food is our only fuel source. UB Super is healthy clean fuel for your body. I use it every day, normally before and after training, just to make sure I’m fueling my body with everything it needs. I never feel depleted or run down anymore. Every day I’m running on all cylinders and feeling great. Great meal replacement. Love it!”

Jayna C.
"My family (hubs, 3 kids 10,7,7) and I have used UB Super for over 3 years. My husband and I add the vegan vanilla to our daily smoothies and my kids get it when they have smoothies 3-4X / week. First, it tastes and mixes better than ANY powdered supplement I have tried, and I have tried at least 8-10 of the most popular shakes. Second, it’s gentle on my digestion - many other products have given my belly issues that ruin the whole experience. Third, I trust this product because I have done my research and I am a skeptic with the supplement world. This company is doing it right and giving our bodies what they need and not a bunch of fillers and fake ingredients. I wouldn’t give it to my kids if I didn’t believe so much in these products. Fourth, and maybe my fave reason, we feel great! We are a very active, primarily vegan family who believes that food is fuel. My husband and I workout most days and a UB Super scoop in our post-workout smoothies refills + restores our energy, protein, greens + vitamins. I couldn’t be a bigger fan of this product, the company and the results! Thank you UB Super!!"

WARNING:  Using Most Protein and Meal Replacement Products Means You're Wasting Money (and hurting your body)!
We Offer a 100% No Risk Guarantee. 
Order right now with confidence!
Try it for 30 days if it doesn’t work for you, you’ll get your money back. 

No questions asked.
Supplement Facts + Label
Breakthrough Solution Boosts Energy To Support Your Busy Lifestyle
  •  Simple Formula
  • Fast Absorption
  •  Powerful Results
Here's What Even MORE People Are Saying About UBSuper
Matt S.
“I have worked with supplement companies in the past, UB Super is by far the best. As a gym owner and athlete I am constantly on my move. Because of this my body has a hard time recovering. To help aid in recovery and overall health I had to take a large amount of supplements multiple times a day. It became too much of a hassle. After discovering UB Super, I have everything I need in one shake. The profile of nutrients is amazing and comes from quality sources. I have more energy and my recovery time is much shorter which is extremely important for me to run an effective business as one of the top health coaches in Wilmington, NC. 

I love this product to the point that I provide UB Super shakes for my clients after each workout. Our clientele ranges from kids to adults in there 80's. The American diet usually lacks essential nutrients, this is why I provide them with UB Super. It is a one stop shop for all the essential nutrients that their bodies need. My clients love the taste and notice the same benefits as I do with recovery and energy. I am so thankful to have a supplement that helps keep me and my clients running at their full potential."

Nikki H.
"Ub Super is my favorite and the most complete nutrition supplement I have seen on the market. I have been using it daily for almost 2 years and plan to keep going! I used to take a hand full of supplements 2-3x daily to help battle a severe afternoon slump, digestive issues, and a multitude of subtle yet collectively debilitating problems. Then I switched over to UB and realized there was no need for the many supplements. Taking UB in the morning completely simplified my life and has become a part of my daily routine. I don’t get sick anymore, afternoon slump went away and I have never felt better. I did however, forget my ub travel packs on a week long trip and ended up with a bad cold upon return. I blame it on forgetting the ub, more evidence to me on how much UB helps me! 

My favorite way to drink it is simple, I blend any flavor with water and drink it down. For my two kids I include a banana, almond milk and ice, I will add what ever berries I have or even peanut butter to keep it interesting. If I mix vanilla with OJ and Ice it taste just like an orange Julius!- "
Josh B.
"I was always the tallest and biggest kid at school. But, working nights meant lots of drive-thru and lots of pounds. I tried a few diets, but the weight always came back. Then, I saw a story about UB Super. My wife and I ordered from Scott the next day. Not only is my weight staying off, but I don’t feel hungry and my energy level is higher. So far, I’ve dropped over 100 pounds, accelerating my weight loss by slowly increasing my exercise and eating healthier along with my UB Super smoothies in the afternoon. I’m enjoying my life more than ever!!"

Jenny L.
"I'm a big fan of the UB Super Products! My everyday life is very hectic. With a full-time job requiring a lot of travel, a demanding billet in the USMC Reserves and current enrollment in higher education, I often feel as though I'm rushing around and eating on the run. This means I'm not always getting the nutrients my body needs to stay healthy and recover from intense training. Using UB Super on a daily basis helps me feel refreshed and energetic. I also find I recover faster from hard workouts and my muscles aren't as sore. After moving to CA, I decided to try other protein shakes as UB Super isn't available in the stores near me. In using them, I discovered I didn't experience the same benefits. I'm now on the subscription and using UB Super on a daily basis and I'm running better at 37 than I did in my 20s!"

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